Boating in New Zealand

Boating is one of the most prevalent leisure activities in the world. There are hundreds of types of boats for a variety of uses. No country has a greater relationship with the sea than New Zealand, where they are surrounded by beaches, lakes and rivers. This website will explore the top destinations for boating enthusiasts, offer helpful guides on boat building, repair and maintenance, and give advice on which gear and technology could be the most useful for your boating experiences.


Sailing is incredibly popular with the population of New Zealand, and it’s easy to see why. The magnificent coastline offers many great harbours, the waters are vast and the weather is often clear. Some of the best destinations for sailing in New Zealand include the Bay of Islands, Auckland, Lake Taupo, Abel Tasman and Akaroa.

Sailing Equipment

It’s important to ensure you have all the correct equipment and gear prepared and on board before embarking on your sailing journey. Despite being a leisure activity, sailing can be very dangerous if proper safety precautions are not followed.

Boat Education

While many people practising sailing may attempt to learn by doing when it comes to sailing training, a certified course can be highly useful towards ensuring you have a pleasant experience, and may even save your life.

Boat Building

Constructing a vessel can be a fantastic project as it’s both mentally and physically challenging, but it can also be financially rewarding. If you plan properly and follow expert advice, you could be able to build something worth your investment.