Top 3 Boating Essentials

Every time you set out for a boating experience, the first thing that will obviously come to mind is enough food to keep you in the water. While this is important, other essentials should follow if not come before food. Here are the top three boating essentials you will always need.

Dental and Basic Medical Supplies

While enjoying your time on a boat, you never know when you will injure yourself or have a commotion that could come with several injuries. This is why you need adequate medical pieces of equipment. Your first aid kit should always be fully packed with all medicines refilled before you launch your boat.

The best way of ensuring this is by having a medical supplies checklist to tick off the moment you restock. For your teeth, carry a pain reliever, dental floss, toothpaste plus a toothbrush. If you plan to stay in the water for more than a day, a few toiletries like soap, toilet paper and cotton swabs are ideal.

Safety Essentials

Never forget to include a personal floatation device for every person on the boat. A hand harness is the other safety item that will come in handy, especially when you have to clip to the boat.

Thirdly, the EPIRB (Emergency Position Indicating Radio Beacon) will help in transmitting distress calls to the authorities once activated manually. Make sure the EPIRB is registered so the administration can easily trace it back to your team in case of an emergency.

VHF Radio

This is probably the quickest device that will get you the help you need when you are stuck on your boat in the deep waters. Very High-Frequency radios have powerful waves and are better than using your phone.

In general, your supplies will always depend on how long you spend in the waters or what activity you wish to do while boating, but these three are essential on all occasions.