Top Five Boating Destinations in New Zealand

Sailing in New Zealand is fantastic, and the country has a lot of options to choose from. Each sailing site will give you a different perspective and might need different skills to navigate through. If you haven’t tried boating in New Zealand or you are looking for a new experience, here are some destinations to begin with.

Lake Taupo

Not many people are good at navigating through waves, especially people who are new to sailing. Lake Taupo, the largest lake in New Zealand, offers a peaceful boating site where the waters are still. The Maori carvings are also amazing to behold as you sail along.

Bay of Islands

This site offers more than a just simple boating experience. If you love nature tours in the water, the Bay of Islands is a great place to visit. You will have 144 islands to explores and maybe come by a dolphin pod. Make sure you have your snorkelling gear as you will definitely need to get into the water at some point.


Apart from being New Zealand’s largest city, it is known as the ‘City of Sails.’ You can take a tour guide with you to help you learn about a little water history of the city.


Akaroa is a beautiful place to explore. The waters are blue, and the coastal cliffs offer fantastic boating experiences in all seasons, even during winter. You will learn a lot about Akaroa during your tour and something about the peninsula as well.

Abel Tasman

The water at Abel Tasman is crystal clear with the sandy beaches giving the area a charming golden appeal. This is what makes Able Tasman a paradise destination in New Zealand. You can spend the day at the Abel Tasman National Park and then go for a nice boating tour in the evening just before sunset.